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- Season Premiere -

Reporting: Gabe Meadow & Eric Dahlgren

The new Out of Arda Channel is bringing the season premiere of Middle-Earth Idol to TV viewers everywhere. The news has made a great stir, as indicated by numerous polls . Out of a reported 29 million polled by MVP (Merry Vs. Pippin) Limited, approximately 24.5 million said they plan to view at least one episode, and the rest were probably lying.

“I’m so excited!” exclaimed JenWise WellShire, a resident of Hobbiton, while smoking her pipe in anticipation. “I’ve been waiting for this kind of show since the ending of Survivor: Dead Marshes and Fear Factor: Eye of Sauron” 

Harda Rock (E! Special Expert) commented: “I’ve seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and this show is going to be even better!”

Many viewers use this opportunity to purchase a new big screen TV. RicFraudo Cunning-Sham from Edoras can relate: “I didn't want to miss any detail, so I ended up buying a Mirror-Vision™ equipped plasma set, made by the elves of Lothlorien".

According to Saruman the White, owner of consumer electronics superstore Isengard Towers, his exclusive line of 'seeing stones', known as Palantirs, is far superior: "A Palantir costs 2/3 of the price of a good hi-def TV, and offers better resolution in 3D! I mean you'll see things like you're right in the audience!”

“I can't tell who will be the winner, but at the end it should be worth waiting to see” concluded WellShire .

 Harda Rock concluded with “If you like our Idol, watch their Idol!” has acquired official contestant & judge fact bites, detailed below.

Contestant Info

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Year 2931, Third Age

Bio: The heir to the throne of Gondor and a descendent of Isildur. He is a boyfriend of Arwen (who is also a judge on this show), much to the displeasure of Elrond. It appears that he also has an allergy to shellfish, which causes a puffy face. Member of the Fellowship. 

Personal Comment: “Since I’m not yet king of Gondor, I’ll try to be the king of this show!”



Frodo Baggins

Race: Hobbit

Date of Birth: Year 2968, Third Age

Bio: The former Ringbearer and savior of Middle-Earth,
he has lost one finger to Gollum.

Personal Comment: “After the Quest of the Ring, this is
just the thing for me.” 



Samwise Gamgee

Race: Hobbit

Date of Birth: Year 2983, Third Age

Bio: Frodo’s faithful companion, he saw Frodo through to the end. He is a gardener by trade and is married to his sweetheart Rosie Cotton.

Personal Comment: “I can’t carry Frodo’s load for him of course, but I can carry mine!”


Legolas Greenleaf

Race: Elf

Date of Birth: Unknown

Bio: The Prince of Mirkwood. A conceited pretty boy-type elf. A member of the Fellowship. He is practically a teen idol as it is.

Personal Comment:I’m a shoo-in. I got the best looks and the best voice. Anybody who really thinks they can win should watch out!” 



Gimli, Son of Gloin

Race: Dwarf

Date of Birth: Year 2879, Third Age

Bio: A member of the Fellowship. He has anger management issues and a freakish high voice unnatural for dwarves.

Personal Comment:Will my voice weaken my chances here? I need more pay.”



Eowyn, Princess of Rohan

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Year 2995, Third Age

Bio: Sister of Éomer and niece of Théoden, King of Rohan. Was in love with Aragorn for a bit. She slew the Witch-King at the battle of Pelenor Fields. Has a ‘softie’ reputation.

Personal Comment:I’ll just do my best. No point in fighting.” 



The Judges

The three judges posing with their secret Idol advisor

Arwen Evenstar

Race: Half-Elf

Date of Birth: Year 241, Third Age

Bio: Daughter of Elrond. Girlfriend of Aragorn. And that annoys Elrond.

Personal Comment: No way anyone is better than Aragorn!”

Elrond Halfelven

Race: Half-Elf

Date of Birth: Sometime in the late First Age

Bio: Keeper of one of the Three Elven Rings. One of the wisest people on Middle-Earth. Angry at Aragorn for being his daughter’s boyfriend.

Personal Comment: “I am certainly neutral. But when it comes to Aragorn, all bets are off!”


Race: Maia

Date of Birth: Created at the creation of Arda

Bio: Forged the One Ring. Enemy of all Free Peoples. Also a judge on this show.

Personal Comment: Those performers will just be horrible, I know it! They’re Free People beings for crying out loud!”


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