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Science and Technology

The Next Step in Evolution:
'Six Digit Man' Leads the Way to the Future

Researchers at the Bill Gates Medical Center were astonished to discover that a recent patient had six functional fingers in his left hand, forming the <Ctrl> <Alt> <Delete> 'anguish grip'...

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Hanukkah from Out of this World:
Mysterious Object Identified 
as Ancient Menorah

A mysterious object, recently found in a meteor crater near Jerusalem, was finally identified as an ancient Menorah, originating from a galaxy far, far away...

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Another Mystery Solved:
Missing Rear End of CatDog Located

Among the new species recently discovered on the Three Mile Island, the Multi-Paw CatDog is considered the most fascinating. Since its discovery, a mystery has been surrounding this creature's digestive system; simply put - the animal does not seem to have a rear end...

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New Physical Evidence Confirms:
Incas Used Cellular Phones

Archaeologists unearthed artifacts that shed light on how the famous Inca Stone Pillars were used as cellular stations, providing full national coverage and free weekend minutes. The artifacts include physical evidence of an actual cell phone... 

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NASA Renews Launch Plans:
Will Use Human Cannonball 
Instead of Shuttle

NASA is getting ready to launch astronauts to space again - this time using a cannon, a trampoline and an intricate set of springs.

Scores of celebrities seeking publicity have lined up for the test pilot part, but the dark horse was Gonzo the Great, world renowned for his Muppet Show stunts...

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Italian Experts:
Leonardo Inventor of Headphones

Last Friday, the Museum of History and Science in Pretensa, Italy unveiled findings indicating that Leonardo da Vinci was the inventor of the first Noise Cancellation Headphones.  

According to Paolo Fugazzi, director of the museum, the findings are based on ...

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