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Enforcing the 'Patriot Act':
Florida to Utilize New Anti-Terror Weapons

Joining the "Patriot Act" effort, the state of Florida recently introduced several innovative security measures and technologies. The first innovation, code-named "FireArm", combines an ordinary crutch with an automatic assault rifle ...

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Tabloid Uncovers Presidential Cover-Up:

Cheney's Shooting Affair Was No Accident

Following a rigorous investigation, the acclaimed magazine "Sickly World News" has uncovered the conspiracy behind the vice president's shooting incident, and the cover-up that followed...

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Just in Time for Halloween:

Pumpkin Dome Erected in New Orleans

Two months after Katrina's horrifying rampage, New Orleans is already preparing for the next hurricane. The project was completed just in time for Halloween, as the city unveiled the newly erected "PumpkinDome"...

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Special Committee Finds:
Gap Between USA and Europe 
Too Large to Bridge

A special committee, created to propose ways to bridge the gap between the United States and Europe,  investigated several areas, including automotive, recreation, gastronomy and military...

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