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Fighting the High Gas Prices:
Hummer to Introduce Hybrid Models

Hummer - the car manufacturer notoriously known for specializing in gas guzzlers, has introduced a lineup of three hybrid models, promising to cut on fuel expenses, and to possibly appease its many critics...

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Commemorating Contribution to Society:
Google Salutes Chick-fil-A Cows

The Search Engine Giant recently saluted the cows, mostly identified with advertising Chick-fil-A restaurants. The cows were commended for promoting the public's health and the awareness of correct spelling...

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Gas Price Expected to Plummet

When Water-Powered Engine is Invented

According to experts, gas price will ultimately drop once a water powered engine is invented and mass-produced. 

"It is only a matter of time", says Tom Bull, Chief Research and Analysis Programmer (CRAP) ...

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In Search for New Opportunities:
Outback Steakhouse Expanding to India

Tampa based Outback Steakhouse will shortly hit the Indian market, with a subsidiary in Punjab, Outback Tandoor.

A sneak peek at the suggested menu reveals items such as Bloomin' Onion Pakora, Aussie Panir Cheese Fries and ...

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In a Desperate Effort to Retain Readers:

USA TODAY Attempts to Predict the Future

Following the resignation of USA Today's editor after publishing fake articles, a new attempt was made to attract the readers with USA Tomorrow - the news of the future.

According to the USA Tomorrow's editors, no one can claim that news items are fake if they didn't happen yet...

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Following the Arrest of 'Steven':
Biblical Figures to Advertise Dell Computers

Following the arrest of Benjamin Curtis, the actor who portrays "Steven" the Dell Guy, Dellís management has decided to use figures better known for their integrity and morals.

The first dignitaries chosen for the task are Moses and David, said Bo Gus, Dell VP ...

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