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Following the Super Bowl:
Steelers Turn to the Dark Side 

After winning their fifth Super Bowl title, the Pittsburgh Steelers already started their preparations for the next season. Their less-than-perfect performance at the game

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Keeping Up With the Times:
Backstreet Boys to Change Name, Image

The members of the popular band Backstreet Boys have recently realized that they are getting older. "We have to admit it, we are no longer boys" said  a band member,  "How long can we go on with this charade?"

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Famous Singer Turns Crabby:
Jimmy Buffet's Pet Gone Missing

Jimmy Buffet's pet, Two-Can, has gone missing after the singer brought her along to his favorite Surf-n'-Turf restaurant, "Parrothead Lobster"...

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Attempting to Alter His Image:

C3PO Involved in Steroid Scandal

The 'Star Wars' android was recently arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance.  "I just didn't want to be typecast as a wimp for the rest of my acting career" claims C3PO...

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New Study Uncovers
Winnie The Pooh's Rabbit is Jewish

Rabbit, whose real name is 'Rabbi Tuvia' (or 'Rabbi T.' for short) has always kept a kosher home. For this reason, he only ate vegetables from his own garden, and was often nervous when Piglet was around...

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Rock Star's Childhood Shocker:
Mick Jagger was Deprived of Breast Milk

A new study reveals that short supply of breast milk has significantly influenced Mick Jagger's musical career... 

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While Winning Another Game:
Harry Potter Injured in Quidditch Accident 

Harry Potter won another Quidditch game for his Gryffindor team, but this time he ended up landing on the broomstick's end...

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Baby Leeks:

  • Stuart Little named "The Vermintimidator", following his win at  the Daytona 500. Driving his little car, Stuart developed enormous speed after spotting a cat-resembling symbol on one of the other cars, that seemed to have chased him throughout the race.

  • Unable to keep his weight off, Mr. Incredible accepted a job offer in Italy,  where he is now supporting the leaning tower of Pisa around the clock.




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