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Another Mystery Solved:

Missing Rear End of CatDog Located

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Among the new species recently discovered on the Three Mile Island, the Multi-Paw CatDog (Felinus Barkus Centipedes) - see image below - is considered the most fascinating.


Since its discovery, a mystery has been surrounding this creature's digestive system, or – more precisely – the outlet of the system; simply put - the animal does not seem to have a rear end.

According to the scientific team from the University of Charadnoville, who originally discovered the CatDog, the explanation to the mystery is simple: the picture above is somewhat misleading. The creature actually has a single rear end, which is common to the two other ends, as depicted in the following top-view diagram:

CatDog Diagram

This new revelation brings up some new unanswered questions, such as how can the single rear-end support two heads. The scientists believe that the two heads cannot feed at the same time, and take turns eating meals; in other words, the dog head is active during breakfast while the cat head will be active during lunch, etc.

Also, to answer the question whether the animal is coming or going, the following definitions were established:

  1. If either the Cat Head or the Dog Head seems to approach you, the CatDog is coming.
  2. If either the Cat Head or the Dog Head seems to be getting away from you, the CatDog is going.
  3. If one of the heads seems to approach you while the other one seems to be getting away, the CatDog is stretching.
  4. No scientific term was established yet for the cases in which the Rear End is the one that seems to approach or to be getting away.

A related new species, known as the Catterpillar (Felinus Millipedes) is expected to be a hit in the pet stores next Christmas, despite the obvious difficulties awaiting the owners who plan to have it de-clawed.


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Classic Readers Comments

  • BEARGIRL: THERE is no such thing as this picture above. You people will need a lot more to be able to prove it, it's nonsense. EVERYTHING you see on the Internet is ALWAYS true (unless, of course, you found it in a fake news site).

  • Bearman: Beargirl: I'm surprised at your lack of open mindedness. There must be hundreds of things that you have not seen but you believe in them. I'm looking at some truly remarkable creatures here, but probably no more remarkable than a Duckbilled Platypus. Or the Aunt Eater!

  • CoolGuy: Fake! Fake! Fake! How can that be possible!!!!! I guess you would have to ask its parents...

  • WeaselRabbit: I once saw this creature in Tibet, riding a llama. Llamas live in South America, not in Tibet! What you saw was probably the creature riding an ostrich.

  • iLikeChocolate: Where can I get a Catterpillar? Sorry, it won't go well with chocolate...

  • Bob: Where can I buy a Catterpillar? At the same place where Jimmy Buffet bought his Two-Can!

  • Janie: That is very amazing! Talk about amazing, have you seen the Six Digit Man yet?

  • ProNuke1: Great picture. Love the comment above from BearGirl, who obviously didn't believe the caption at the top of the site here, "Illustrated SATIRE news and more". We didn't notice that caption either...

  • Maisie: I wish there was a Catterpillar, I'd buy one lmao Lucky you have one to laugh off!

  • Steph: OMG photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust it can make Michael Jackson black again Michael actually turned pale when he read this article, but no one could tell.

  • FreakAlex4: If you look above and look at both pictures on this page...the cat is one of the same And if you look below... is it still the same?

  • CavemanBob: I don't think this is real. Do you actually believe this is real? Kindergarteners believe this stuff. Plus, the MULTIPAW CAT DOG is the same picture as the Catterpillar, just edited. They are in the exact same position as well as the face and I doubt you could put these creatures in the same form as they are now. I could report this site to the government in order to prove the truth and prove the faulty ideas within this site. I think this site should be blocked from everybody's view! Did you forget to take your 'happy pills' this morning?

  • common sense: the paws seems to be copied and pasted and flipped over and over again kus the fur's positions on the paws are the same and that’s impossible to have EVERY strand the same position on EVERY paw+leg...and not all info on the internet are true...if i created a blog saying i poisoned all the coke in the world would you believe me? No, but CavemanBob would send the government after you!

  • PetLovaPetta225: Ya, I saw one yesterday - it was very interesting. Its name was Frank And what was the name of its other head?

  • PizzaIceCreamGirl: I do not believe this story either. It is simply unbelievable because the scientific world has been trying to create this species for years. There is still no report of the species existing. The species that the scientific world has been trying to create for years is different (the cat head on the left side, the dog on the right), which explains why they failed.

  • Lab Rat: This is BS - a dog and cat can not have the same body Is this based on your personal experience?

  • Duckie: I think it was an interesting story, but not believable in any way I could say the same thing about the Mick Jagger story...

  • Kellie: Crack me up lol...classic! Just like the Google Cows!

  • MATT: not COOL

    taffy: that story was so cool You guys need to make up your minds!

  • brookieb: I actually own one of these. They are very good pets. Of course, they can stay inside your house while the rear end stays outside.

  • PuppynKittyLove: this is sooooooo fake why do people have to be such lyers. But i do believe in the catdog thing, just not caterpillar At least you have your standards...

  • axlia5000: This is the weirdest thing ever! OMG!! Have you seen the After Life Weapon? It's even weirder!

  • liviiiiii is a beastttttttt: maybe im dumb, but i wanna believe this. i loved catdog the show =] You shouldn't believe everything you see on television! Catdogs can't talk!

  • Nik Nik: I don't know what to think, because some things you read about on the internet sometimes isn't true. But if it is I am very excited about the brand new discovery. What discovery - the Internet?

  • screen-name: mum dont think its real to be honest neither do i. i agree with Beargirl. Does that make Beargirl your mum??

  • sammyyyyyy! <3: these are obviously photo-shopped. Do you normally go shopping for photos??

  • Vashti: is this real or a clever photoshop trick Maybe it's both (a real clever trick)??

  • lollipop: what kind of mess is this???? I am not sure what kind, but you just got yourself into it!

  • wtf king: the makers of this site need to get a life it is obvious that the dog has been put on to the cat and i have some software to make parts of an object repeat non of this is true you sad act's but it is still very funny 'the dog has been put on to the cat' - yes, this is probably how the whole thing got started!

  • SUP DUDES!!!: wow!! now DaT Was WEiRD Talking about weird - do you normally type with your nose?

  • GrrrCrazy: There is no way that this is true. How can a cat and a dog come together like that? I don't think so

    Gfdhsfhdfh: i think it looks fake too theres no such thing so stop watching so many cartoons

    Youtube: liars!!!! You're right, Youtube, they both are!!!!

  • Three Mile Island Resident: I saw one of those running through my backyard yesterday! You mean - what's left of your back yard...

  • Q(*-*Q): ITS TRUE! i know someone that killed someone that knew someone that stole sumthing from someone that i knew that puked on someone that stole a Catdog..... And this makes you...absolutely clueless!!

  • Gypsy: woof - meow... bark - hisss... bite - scratch.... Please keep your family out of this...

  • OMG IT R REAL THO: she is the wr0ngz it r a real piktar. i wsh i knw wht yu wr tkg abt

  • kittynumnum: that is bull crap. that pic is totally photoshopped. How would that happen?? this is not humanly possible.. You didn't think Catdog was human, did you??

  • Kittynumnum: the Catterpillar cat is the same one as the cat in the catdog picture.

    steph: if the catterpillar and the catdog are real why do they look the same? Both pictures were taken by the same photographer - Pietro ('Papa') Razzi.

  • kel<3: It’s a cuteee (:

    lauren neeham: this is not cute is funny ha ha Why can't it be both?

  • ant: datz a dam lie Tell this to Sauron!