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- September
2006 -

Gov. Employees 
Call Off Labor Day

While workers throughout the United States celebrated Labor Day, government hi-tech employees decided to go to work as usual and carry on their daily routine. "Work is a second home to us" explained IRS computer specialist Leigh Z. Baum (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Robbers Improve Stolen Painting
Norwegian art experts confirmed that the damage to stolen masterpiece "The Scream" that was recently retrieved will NOT be repaired, as it actually improves the painting (click thumbnail to enlarge). "In contrast to the original, now everyone can see why that dude is screaming" explained local art specialist Bjoern Shamundsen.


Back to School with Backward Laptops
After a malfunction in a laptop assembly line that caused the covers to be installed backwards, computer maker Dell has decided to donate the 'directionally challenged' units to schools throughout the country, to be used in Touch Typing classes (click thumbnail to enlarge).



Science Fiction Follows 
First Female Space Tourist

While the first female space tourist readies for her trip, several Science Fiction shows have updated their designs accordingly. As part of the redesign, Starship Enterprise was fitted with a state-of-the-art set of shields (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Crocodiles Shed True Tears
For the first time in recorded history, crocodiles around the globe have been witnessed to shed true tears, following the untimely death of Steve Irwin, also known as the 'Crocodile Hunter'. wishes to commemorate Steve with 'Eye of the Croc' (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Special: Pac-Man to Make 
First Movie Appearance

At the age of 26, and after making his Xbox 360 next generation appearance , Pac-Man is launching a movie career. His first movie, "Pac-Man on a Plane Full of Snakes", depicts him and supporting actor Samuel Jackson in a mortal battle against a drove of snakes, unleashed by his archrivals, the ghosts (click thumbnail on right to enlarge).

The sequel for this movie, "Pac-Man in a Race Car Full of Mutant Snakes" is already in the works. Made with video gaming in mind, it portrays Pac-Man as a death-race driver, tasked to run over as many ghosts as possible, all this while being attacked by the offsprings of the surviving snakes from the first movie, that have meanwhile evolved into two-headed monsters. The lucky reader who can correctly guess the title of the next sequel (hint - seventeen words long) will win the game console (click thumbnail on left to enlarge).



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