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August 2006 -

Harry Potter 
Turns to Golf

J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter books, decided to accept the pleas of her fans and not kill him in her next book. Instead, she plans something far worse: Harry Potter changes his last name to 'Putter' and turns into a pro golf player. Arrangements for the movie are already underway, including the newly released poster (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Reuters and Gibson's New Scandal
News Agency Reuters was caught red-handed once again. After admitting to altering Beirut photo, and while the fighting in Lebanon was still ongoing, Reuters' story about Mel Gibson joining the Israeli army (click thumbnail to enlarge) was found out to be somewhat exaggerated, particularly after the actor's recent comments


Ethnic Cows to Advertise Chicken Restaurants
Following a recent discovery, which determined that cows can 'moo' with an accent, the chicken restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A was quick to update its ad campaign, now featuring cows with diverse ethnic backgrounds (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Space Olympics 
Planned for Summer

After requiring its astronauts to perform spacewalk 'ballet', NASA has taken the next step and announced the first Space Olympics, planned to take place aboard the International Space Station this summer (click thumbnail to enlarge).


Man vs. Animals
The student who was ranked second in the world for competitive eating has recently revealed his secret: he gets his practice by competing with animals. The new man-animal competitions have quickly gained fans around the globe (click thumbnails to enlarge). Next, the contender is scheduled to face the notorious
Aunt-Eater (below).



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