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Famous Singer Turns Crabby:
Jimmy Buffet's Pet Gone Missing

Jimmy Buffet's beloved pet, known among his fans as " Two-Can" (see picture below), has gone missing under mysterious circumstances, after the famous singer brought her along to his favorite Surf-n'-Turf restaurant, "ParrotHead Lobster". 

According to Buffet, after sipping a few Tequilas he called the waiter and asked him to bring something for his pet to feast on. Unfortunately, the waiter was not English speaking. "I used my sign language" recalls Buffet, "pointing at my pet and then pointing at my mouth, imitating chewing action. It seemed that the waiter understood me perfectly. He immediately took Two-Can to the kitchen with him to feed her." However, the pet was never seen again. "I wish she was there to enjoy the great roasted lobster the waiter served me later that evening" says Buffet, who guarantees lifetime Margaritas to anyone who comes forward with a claw. 

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Jerry's Kid: I Got some cocktail sauce. Sounds a little fishy, you better have an alibi...

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