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Rock Star's Childhood Shocker:

Mick Jagger was Deprived of Breast Milk

A new study reveals that short supply of breast milk has significantly influenced Mick Jagger's musical career. Judging from an early picture of the star (see below), it is obvious that screaming for milk has contributed to the development of Jagger's famous lips and tongue, not to mention the impact on his dramatic appearance.

According to the renowned Child Development expert (also known as "Doctor Who"), M. I. Kidding,  lack of breast milk could also explain the rock star's inability to put on weight, as well as his notorious attraction to a certain kind of women.

"It is very possible that other members of the Rolling Stones have suffered similar deficiencies in their childhood", says Dr. Kidding, "this could shed light on why they refuse to grow up".

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WRA: Can Julia Roberts help? Unfortunately, Julia says that after being married to Lyle Lovett, she won't come near another goofy looking singer with a childhood complex.

Julia with

Julia with 

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