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Found the Cause for BP Oil Leak!

A special committee investigating the chain of events leading to BP's disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have come up with what is believed to be the main cause for the leak.

Apparently, the power tools that were used to build the failing oil rig whose explosion started the leak were purchased from the back of a suspicious, white van parked in front of a Waffle House. After dining, crew members in charge of buying supplies congratulated themselves over the acquisition of these tools, despite obvious abnormalities (see photo above).

Said crew member Wilton Vandermock, "Nothin' looked wrong with the darned machines. We's had patted ourselves on the back after finding us some tools mighty quick. There was more time for chowing down with our pals at Waffle House instead of looking for other tools. And these tools were pretty darned cheap too."


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