The Jerry Lee Lewis Project (2017-2018)

Book by Danielle Wirsansky

Music Arranged by JP Coletta

This had a reading at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee in October 2017 and a workshop production at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee in the Zack Box Theatre in January 2017, which was directed by Alan Ostroff.

The cast included JP Coletta, Elliot Lazar, Tyler Shore, Robert Newman, Michael Hicks, David Alea, and Mary Kate Zavotsky.


Shadow of Darkness (2017)

Book by Danielle Wirsansky

Lyrics by Danielle Wirsansky & Rebecca Barton

Music by Grace Hayes & Daniel Williams

Directed by Danielle Wirsansky

Shadow of Darkness is an adaptation of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice set during the Holocaust. It is 1942 in Germany. Izaak (Orpheus) is one of Germany’s rising star musicians and Eliora (Eurydice) is a Jewish girl, the daughter of a luthier. These star crossed lovers experience tumult and betrayal. After Eliora is sent to a concentration camp, Izaak has to find a way to rescue his love straight out of hell itself.

We had a workshop concert of the musical in the Moore Auditorium at Florida State University on April 17th, 2017 and plan to do a workshop production in Spring of 2018.

4 F/6 M (plus ensemble)

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City of Light (2016)

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~Ferdinand Foch

8 F/7 M

Book by Danielle Wirsansky

Lyrics by Danielle Wirsansky & Eric Leigh Foster

Music by Brad Betros, Eric Leigh Foster, Matthew Damante, & Noah Nethery

Directed by Danielle Wirsansky

In 2011, the existence of a Fake City of Paris came to light. Designed by an electric engineer, the fake city had been built as a tactic to lead bomber pilots away from the real Paris by creating a display of lights to emulate Paris’ nightlife. After the war, this city lay abandoned and forgotten before eventually being torn down in the 1960s. City of Light is a musical that explores what might have happened in the fake city during WWII by focusing on the experience of two Jewish children in the midst of the Holocaust making their escape from the French internment camp, Gurs, and trying to flee to Paris for safety; however they find themselves in the wrong Paris. Tensions rise as the Nazis begin their march on the real Paris, bent on occupation.

Performances were April 13-14, 2016  at the Lab Theatre at Florida State University and it was a part of the School of Theatre’s New Horizons Original Works Festival. This project was the culmination of several years of research and was Danielle’s undergraduate thesis project.

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Check out a sneak peek here!