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Experts at the Museum of History and Science:

Leonardo da Vinci the Inventor of 
Noise Cancellation Headphones

Last Friday, the Museum of History and Science in Pretensa the heart of Renaissance Italy unveiled the first findings indicating that Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Renaissance painter and ingenious engineer, was the inventor of the first Noise Cancellation Headphones.

The findings are based on some of the sketches from da Vinci's famous notebooks (see image below). "We believe that da Vinci himself used these headphones while working on his other inventions and masterpieces. These findings help us to better understand the artist's complex personality and his work conditions," said Paolo Fugazzi, director of the museum.

The modern-looking contraption used principles analogous to those presently employed by Bose and other manufacturers of similar devices, and was powered by the minuscule electrical currents produced in the brain of the listener.

This is by no means the first invention discovered in da Vinci's mysterious manuscripts, which include flying machines, helicopters, stealth bombers, dishwashers, moonshine-brewing devices, double cheeseburgers and the Internet.

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