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Outback Steakhouse Expanding to India
Will Serve a Mix of Australian Bar-B-Q and Indian Cuisine

Tampa based Outback Steakhouse will shortly hit the Indian market, with the company having formed a 100 percent subsidiary in Punjab, Outback Tandoor.

According to the owner of the new subsidiary, Indian entrepreneur Shamta Singh, a great similarity exists between the Australian, Bar-B-Q based cuisine and traditional Indian recipes. This will be reflected in the menu of the restaurants to be opened.

A sneak peek at the suggested menu reveals items such as Bloomin' Onion Pakora, Aussie Panir Cheese Fries, Tikka Mango Shrimp, Sarda-Roo Wings (served Hot, Hotter or Really Hot), Aloo Gobi On the Barbie, Indira’s Sinful Salad, Boomerang Masala Chicken, and the “Ghandi” Prime Rib.

The drinks offered will include Foster’s Lassi Beer, while the list of desserts features the famous-to-be  ‘Rice Pudding Thunder from Down Under’.

To avoid using cow meat, the new restaurants will import Yak meat from neighboring Tibet. “It tastes like chicken”, claims Shamta.

The first restaurant will open shortly in a strategic location – the Taj Mahal (see picture below). The second planned location is next to the famous opera house in Jaipur.

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