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Energy Experts:
Gas Price is Expected to Plummet
As Soon As a Water-Powered Engine is Invented

For the 367th consecutive day this year, the price at the pump for U.S. gasoline hit a record high, the American Anti-Automobile Association (AAAA) said on Wednesday.

However, according to experts from the National Institute of Energy Testimonials (NIET), gas price will ultimately drop, once the long anticipated water powered engine is invented and mass-produced.

"It is only a matter of time", says Tom Bull, Chief Research and Analysis Programmer (CRAP) at NIET, while climbing into his Hummer H2O; "unfortunately, how much time is unknown at this point".

Other experts argue, that by the time a water powered engine is invented, water will be in short supply as well, but Bull is not worried: "we'll just have to drink less water”.

Thinking ahead, NIET is already planning a campaign based on the slogan: “don't drink – drive!"

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