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Backstreet Boys to Change Name, Image 

The members of the popular band Backstreet Boys have recently realized that they are getting older. "We have to admit it, we are no longer boys" said  band member Brian Littrell,  "How long can we go on with this charade?" 

Another band member, Nick Carter, who recently slammed rumors of marrying his Chinese girlfriend added "She may be ten years older than me, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am young. On the contrary, it only means that she is really old."

The signs of times did not skip the rest of the band: AJ McLean, known for his drinking habits, has recently realized that using fake IDs to buy his drinks wasn't really necessary for the last fifteen years. This revelation pushed him to change his dog's name from "Jack Daniels" to "Prune Juice".

Following suit, Howie Dorough announced that his nickname "Sweet D" will be changed to "Sugar Daddy"; and Kevin Richardson, who was once named People magazine's "Sexiest Pop Star" is now AARP magazine's "Most Loyal Subscriber".

To keep current with the latest developments, the members of the band chose to delve into the world of computers and change the band name to "Information Highway Nerds". With the help of their stylists, they transformed their looks accordingly (see image below - with their original look in the corner).

Soon after, the band released a new version of their song Incomplete, based on their experience with the Windows operating system. The lyrics of the song are published here for the first time:


Empty spaces fill the screen with holes
Mouse traces with no place left to flow
Without the cursor I can't find my place 
Where I知 clicking is anybody痴 guess

I tried to go on with nothing but the keyboard
I知 awake but my disk is half asleep
I pray for this app to be unbroken
But without it all I'm going to hit is Alt-Ctrl-Delete

Pop-ups tell me I should carry on
But I am clicking links to the unknown
Microsoft, Windows
It痴 written on your debug trace
I still wonder if I made a big mistake

I tried to go on like I never saw it
I知 awake but my chips are half asleep
I pray for this drive to be unbroken
But without it all I知 going to hit is Alt-Ctrl-Delete

I don't mean to drag my mouse, but I can't seem to make it work
I don't want to face the screen of death alone
I want to shut it down (and move on)

I tried to go on just clicking in the darkness
I知 awake but my RAM is half asleep
I pray for this code to be unbroken
But without it all I知 going to hit is Alt-Ctrl-Delete


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